Carly is a Middlesex lass though for some reason she went to Uni in Wales! She has an unusual background in that she studied Law and qualified but then chose the challenge of recruitment over the delights of the courtroom, deciding that the rigours of this sector were more to her liking. A recent arrival in 2008 she has settled in very quickly and is now firmly entrenched as a key part of the team. Carly, as befits a legal mind, has fantastic attention to detail and loves getting things done!

Carly is very self-disciplined, her favourite fruit is raspberries, she never drinks too much and always eats the healthiest foods... well not all the time!



Ed hails from a little known town on the South African map called East London.
After studying Human Kinetics and Ergonomics he decided to try his luck across the pond in the "Big Smoke".
Ed shares GIM's passion for working hard & living life to the full...!

Carly found Ed at Virgin Active when he sold her a gym membership, and he is rapidly learning the skills required to be an excellent "intelligent recruiter". Ed is a top notch communicator and loves meeting clients and candidates alike, nothing is too much for him in terms of getting the job done and he loves to win!

Ed is highly energetic, his favourite fruits are melons and peaches and he lives a hectic but fairly healthy lifestyle and won't complain if theres a glass of whisky waiting for him at the end of the day....Tom thinks Ed is great (even after the world cup) cos he's also mad about rugby.


He is one of the original team members of GIM and over the years has perfected the art of providing light relief from the stresses and strains of finding great people for great jobs! From alerting us to the presence of the postman and other visitors to taking us round the block to blow out the cobwebs, he always seems to know exactly what we need. For a little guy has the loudest bark in town!!

With regards to food .. Well I think it’s fair in saying our Smudgy is entirely indiscriminate and gladly gobbles up any offerings that come his way.


Tom has had a lively career working around the world for various major companies in Marketing, Strategy and Corporate Development. This has all contributed to his lively personality and gives him a broad take on most things! He has been involved with GIM since the start in 1999, and at the forefront of helping build up the Company. Tom is very enthusiastic about most things and has an awesome wife who brings us cake!

His favourite fruits include apples and grapes, and he tries to get down to the gym more than once a week though the lure of red wine has occasionally been known to defeat his willpower...!

Danielle originates from Ooop North, she has spread her wings and lived as far afield as SA, Zim, Australia, and Italy. After finishing Uni she carried on travelling before finally settling in the Big Smoke. Our Dani comes from a mixed background of Marketing in an entertainment company followed by Consulting for a Graduate Recruiter. As the official Project Manager for GIM, she's great at getting information out of people so beware! Ever Eclectic; she has a further trick or two up her sleeve – a mean two stepper and a wiz with a cocktail, she keeps our thirsts quenched.

Dani loves grapes, but mainly in the liquid form. Otherwise she's a bit of a tropicana as her favourite fruits are lychees and mango!

The Guardians of the GIM Money! The ladies in accounts keep us all on our toes – especially at the end of the month where Vicky in particular is known to whip out her cat-o-nine tails!!!

Two ladies with great big personalities, Vicky is from the land locked country of Serbia and Georgie is our very own, home grown, ‘Souff West Londoner!’ Nothing escapes these 2 wise ladies who have been with the group for 14 yrs!!

Georgie’s role is that of the team’s perpetual 'Weight Watcher.' Nothing escapes her nutrition label analysis!! Fruit however is always allowed! It’s a good job too as Vicky enjoys a bit of variety and is partial to a fruit salad brimming with apples, strawberries and grapes.







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